• HyperBaggy

    Size Matters!

    Posted by HyperBaggy Oct 31 - 14 votes - 49 views
    Now sagging isn't just about "low" and "lower", it's also about size for some of us. So how big are your (baggy) jeans/ pants? I don't wanna hear the exact size, because... if a dude wears w44'' it may SOUND much, but when he's fat, 44'' probably wouldn't be "oversized", but "fitting". So instead let's COMPARE your body's waist with the waist size of your pants. If you got a lot of different
  • Hotguy340

    Would you pay a Sagger?

    Posted by Hotguy340 Sep 14 - 5 votes - 96 views
    If you would pay someone to see a picture or video of him sagging, which payment option would you use to pay that sagger?
  • Tom

    Do you like your sagger wet ?

    Posted by Tom Jun 7 - 36 votes - 141 views
  • Tom

    Silk or Cotton ?

    Posted by Tom Apr 22 - 41 votes - 215 views
    If you have to choose one...
  • Woody

    Sagging with a boner

    Posted by Woody Apr 12 - 69 votes - 311 views
    If you’re sagging below your dick and you get a boner do you..?
  • Tom

    Do you like extreme sags ?

    Posted by Tom Apr 9 - 40 votes - 214 views
    Do you like to see an extreme sag ? Do you like to wear your pants to your knees ?
  • zsagger

    What do you wear when you swim

    Posted by zsagger Apr 2 - 49 votes - 237 views
  • stonerkid

    female saggers

    Posted by stonerkid Apr 2 - 18 votes - 229 views
    how many people like wen a girl sags her pants. do u find it attractive/awesome or no u dont like it?
  • stonerkid

    sweats or jeans

    Posted by stonerkid Apr 2 - 37 votes - 218 views
    wat do yall like to sag or see someone sagging in? jeans or sweatpants. i love sweatpants but i like jeans as well
  • Tom

    Where do you sag ?

    Posted by Tom Mar 28 - 45 votes - 201 views
    Are you sagging at home or everywhere ?