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Size Matters!

Now sagging isn't just about "low" and "lower", it's also about size for some of us. So how big are your (baggy) jeans/ pants? I don't wanna hear the exact size, because... if a dude wears w44'' it may SOUND much, but when he's fat, 44'' probably wouldn't be "oversized", but "fitting". So instead let's COMPARE your body's waist with the waist size of your pants. If you got a lot of different
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  • HyperBaggy
    HyperBaggy If you got a lot of different pants, pick your FAVORITE pair. IT MUST EXIST! No fictional answers or "wishes", please!
    October 31, 2018
  • HyperBaggy
    HyperBaggy I had to close my poll for a specific reason and I won't explain it here. If you nevertheless want to make a vote here, please tell me in private and I will probably open the poll for you again. I'm sorry for that additional effort... -.-
    May 9, 2019